Official Tournament Rules of the 2023 Oil Creek Classic

****Pennsylvania mandated COVID 19 safety guidelines will be observed during this event. We will observe the latest updated protocols****

  1. All fish must be caught on a fly rod. Both Western and Tenkara rods are permitted.
  2. This is a catch and release tournament.
  3. All anglers must abide by all Oil Creek State Park rules.
  4. All hooks must be barbless.
  5. Only use artificial lures.
  6. Because this is a trout tournament, all other fish will not be counted.
  7. Please fish within your assigned beat. Any angler caught fishing outside their assigned beat will be automatically disqualified.
  8. No fish may be caught before 7 a.m. or after 6 p.m.
  9. These rules may change before the start of the tournament.
  10. Event workers will monitor the competition, take photos, and assist the anglers throughout the day.
  11. All participants must sign a participation waiver, a COVID release waiver and a photo release form.
  12. Tournament rules are based on modified FIPS Mouche tournament rule.


  1. Anglers may bring the fly rod(s) and reels of their choice.
  2. Fish attractants (i.e., scents) are not allowed.
  3. Steel leaders are not permitted.


  1. No bait or substance not tied to a hook using thread will be allowed.
  2. Flies must be tied on a single barbless hook or a hook with the bard pushed down or removed.
  3. The use or possession of any natural bait, baitfish, fish bait, bait paste and similar substances, fish eggs (natural or molded) or any other edible substance is prohibited.
  4. Strike indicators can be no larger than ¾ inch in any dimension. Flies, even those that have broken hooks are not allowed to be used as an indicator.
  5. Fly repair may be done with the use of an adhesive.
  6. All flies should have one set of dumbbell eyes (up to size medium), one bead or one cone bead. Non-lead weight may be added to the leader. Any appendages that alter the profile of an artificial fly, or bodies, or heads made of molded plastic, silicone, rubber, or metal are not permitted (i.e., molded or shaped imitation worms, eggs, baitfish, maggots, twisters and the like). Rounded material is acceptable as it is extruded. Spinner blades, rattles, and swivels are prohibited. Judges can rule on any anglers flies before or during the competition.


  1. Our scoring procedures are designed to reduce the handling of trout.
  2. An assigned judge must witness the release of a caught trout for that score to count. Each trout will have a value in inches.
  3. Only the first 8 trout caught by an individual angler count during their session.
  4. Any foul-hooked trout will not be counted. Trout must be hooked in the mouth to be measured.
  5. Measurement of trout shall be done by the controller while the trout is in the water whenever possible. The controller should measure the trout with the fish trough provided to the controller, a fish scale on the rod or net handle, a ruler, tape measure or like device. Fish are to be measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the relaxed tail. The tail of the trout should not be pinched. All trout should be measured to the nearest 1⁄4 inch. Measurements should not be rounded up by the controllers. This is to ensure accurate measurements for the biggest fish competition. In signing the scorecard, the contestant understands that this represents only an estimate of their final score. Scores will be finalized by the scoring committee when necessary, due to rounding of fish length and/or incorrect addition of total points.

A penalty will be assessed for any fish killed or ruled by the controller to be unable to survive. Each of
these fish will be measured and the scored value of that trout will be subtracted from the angler’s
score. That trout will not be counted against the daily limit of five measured trout.

These rules are subject to change and modification.